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Work starts on the resurrection of Copperfish!

Construction work has started at Copperfish!

If you’ve been down to site recently you may have noticed work has finally been able to start on the resurrection of the beloved Copperfish restaurant. After the devastating fire in 2022 we have all missed the popular Fish and Chip restaurant that called Mumbles Pier its home. The popular restaurant and Old Nightclub were completely destroyed in the fire but through grit and determination April 2023 saw work begin to rebuild the restaurant in the surviving adjacent building. The owners of Mumbles Pier; Fred and Bert Bollom hope to have the takeaway aspect of Copperfish up and running by July 2023 ready for the summer season – with the restaurant opening by Winter 2023. 

For the eagle eyed among us you may have also noticed that contractors have started work on the old rowing club. A full renovation is underway in the previously derelict building along with an inspiring build for a new outdoor seating area which will be situated adjacent to the building boasting awe inspiring  sea views as it stretches over the sea. Once completed the development will house a bar/restaurant with an unrivalled alfresco dining area and sense of paradise as guests relax on the rocks whilst enjoying panoramic views of Swansea Bay. Keep an eye on our social media for more information on this exciting new project for Mumbles Pier.

The Pier unfortunately remains shut after funding was withdrawn for the completion of the Pier renovation following the fire in 2022 – the owners are hoping that the projects currently underway will help regain and attract investment for this historical piece of architecture with all profits of the Mumbles Pier trading company continuing to go into the protection of this important landmark. Mumbles Pier would like to thank all our loyal patrons for continuing to support us through these times and are looking forward to the summer season ahead.

Fred and Bert Bollom would like to express their sincerest thanks to many supporting partners, organisations and suppliers who have offered their continued support of Mumbles Pier through these turbulent times including Mumbles Community Council, RNLI, Castell Howell, Snowdons, Axl XL and the community and employees at Mumbles Pier without whom the work would not have been able to start.

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