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  1. Melissa Dacey says:

    I moved to Swansea from Niagara Falls Canada age 18 with my parents. I was invited by my cousin for a night out down Cinderella’s night club. To cheer me up as I was missing My old home in Niagara. That night I met my future husband Marc. It was his birthday and he was celebrating with friends of my cousin. We were introduced and had a kiss out back of cinders. The rest is history. Now married nearly 15 years in June. We have two daughters together. He is my soul mate, true love and best friend. Mumbles pier will always be a special place to us.

  2. Laura Jones says:

    On Boxing Day evening, my mother attended Cinderella’s on the pier with her friend for a few drinks and a laugh. She was directed by her friend to “get a guy to buy you a drink, then walk away with the drink” (meaning it would be a cheap night). She decided to give this a go when she was approached by my father. He bought her a gin and tonic. As she turned to walk away, he grabbed her and requested that she sat with him to drink it. 11 years later they married, and this year they will be celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary. Every year they go for a meal on Boxing Day, to celebrate the time they met at Cinderella’s on the Pier.

  3. Emma Helliwell says:

    Me & my husband went to comprehensive school together and was childhood sweethearts but unfortunately lost touch and went our own separate ways until 2008! Our first date in 2008 was at the mumbles pier, we then sat on a bench talking about everything we had both missed. Since then we always bring our children to mumbles, we enjoy the amusements, pier, park and of course the ice-cream.
    My husband and I got married in 2013 and planned to go all inclusive to Alcudia in 2014 with our children as our honeymoon. Unfortunately 3 months before our holiday my husband had a nasty car accident in which he broke his pelvis & had a metal Pole go through his torso, he was very lucky.
    We still haven’t had our honeymoon so I would love to win this so we get some quality time together 🙂

  4. Rebecca Wright says:

    My husband and I first met through mutual friends down the mumbles in 2010. We got together a year later and 3 years after that we were engaged. After months of wedding planning we met with our photographers (Roz & Kirsty Photography) and when they asked where we would like our wedding day ‘couples shoot’ there was only one place for us! The beautiful Mumbles pier! We are the first couple that they ever photographed on the peer (and I’m pretty sure still the only ones to date!) we have many beautiful photos but the one attached is our favourite! Our wedding day was a Tuesday in the first week of the summer holidays and so it was very busy walking past the arcade and onto the pier in my dress with well wishers congratulating us and smiling. A truly magical experience that we will never forget! We were even offered some photos in the new life boat station on the lifeboat but unfortunately we didn’t have enough time!

  5. Brenda Christopher says:

    We both attended a Kenyon staff dinner dance at The Pier Ballroom during which my husband, Wayne, proposed to me. We were married in September 1967. We will therefore be celebrating our Golden Wedding Anniversary this year. We have had a wonderful marriage and have one son and three grandchildren. This February we go on our first ever cruise.

  6. Hayley Windus says:

    This memory belongs to my Nan & Grandad, Pamela and Ron.

    The paths of this couple of teens cross when they both land jobs working at a grand furniture store, The Emporium in Bargoed – a mining town tucked up snug in a Valley between Rhymney & Caerphilly. Now, that would be a FINE beginning to any Welsh love story, i’m sure you’d all agree, only Ron was already too late, Pam was being courted by another lad!

    Nan remembers clearly that the boy was too old for her anyway, being 21 to her 15 years and besides, she’d only agreed to go to the pictures with him that first time to be a wing woman for her friend on a double date! So when a mutual friend told her Ron was sweet on her and wanted to take her out, she didn’t have to think long.

    And you know where he took her out, right? Our very own Mumbles, on a toasty day in June 1960 – a day Pam well remembers because it was also her 16th birthday! Her parents had bought her a beautiful new frock for it that she debuted for Ron on their first date at Mumbles Pier.

    The Pier would become an old friend and well used back drop to a life shared together from that day on.
    When two little daughters arrived after their marriage in 1961, they made sure to introduce their girls to the beach and the Pier and the arcades! Who in turn brought their OWN children (myself included!) to the spot where our family began.

    Ron would come to visit his old pal when he could to do a spot of fishing; he and the Pier had an understanding he wouldn’t go home empty handed – much to the dismay of their youngest daughter, Alison!

    Sadly, the Pier lost his best friend Ron 3 years ago.

    My nan has shared with us this story & this photograph taken 4th June 1960, on her 16th birthday, in her brand new dress, sat beside the man she would love for all their 52 years of marriage, and the man who loved her back just as fiercely for every one of those days.

  7. Leanne Cooke says:

    We have a continuing love affair with the pier, it’s cafe, the little beach and the new boat house. My now husband and I had one of our first dates on the beach with a picnic and an afternoon walking the pier. One of the first places we visited with our newborn son was the pier cafe 4years ago and more recently our newborn daughter. My son learnt to ride his bike on the pier and saw his first boat up close in the new boat house. We have a family love affair with Mumbles Pier and will continue to for many years to come ❤️

  8. Hetty says:

    My girlfriend and I had our first holiday together in the Mumbles. We were sixteen and had just finished our GCSEs – chips on the beach, Joes icecream and walks on the pier (in sometimes less than lovely weather) were the extent of our luxuries! Five years on and we are still together.
    Hopefully we will be back to Mumbles soon xx

    (The picture is from an evening walk)

  9. Ernie Preece says:

    My wife Pam and I met when she was a patient in Singleton hospital. I was visiting my cousin and being from a big family, there were loads around her bed. The poor little girl in the bed opposite didnt have any visitors and my cousin cajoled me to go and talk to her. That was the start of a long and happy life together. Pam was 15, nearly 16 (although I didnt know this at the time) and I was 21. I had long hair, driving a sports car. I realise now of course what her poor father must have thought. Now of course five years between us means nothing. We had our first date a week later, a walk and drink (soft) at Mumbles Pier. It was a beautiful day, the tide was in and the sun was shining. 46 and a half years later, we still enjoy a walk and drink at Mumbles Pier. I must have done something right on that first date, so I have got a lot to be grateful to Mumbles Pier for.

  10. Katie Dutton says:

    My husband proposed to me at the end of the pier…. 29/5/09… was a lovely sunny evening, after he finished work we went for a drive to the mumbles, he had the ring hidden in his pocket and had been to ask my parents permission earlier that day. We walked along the pier, as we got to the end there were a few fishermen just packing away their things to leave, perfect timing and perfect setting. We then went for a meal at a restuarant called Darcy’s in Mumbles (no longer there unfortunately). Remember it all like it was yesterday. And now I tell our kids that little story whenever we visit the pier 😊❤
    Gareth Dutton 😙 6th year wedding anniversary next Tuesday

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