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  1. Albert Hopkins (Onsite Submission) says:

    I remember the old Mumbles Train pulling in at the Pier, sometimes 3 or 4 coaches joined together and even then people couldn’t get on! The fun we used to have on the bumper cars, all under a huge canopy. And all down one side of the Pier would be darts, hoopla and stalls. It was great and outside, before the Amusements Arcade, you could put a penny into looking glasses, and see different photos etc. Up at the top car park (apple) there was a skating rink which I went on in (in about 1933), and I remember a lady – Mrs Duford- won a cup there for skating! Also there was a café right next to the sewage part on Bracelet Bay, also a café on the beach. On of course Fortes was there as well.

    Albert Hopkins

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