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Mumbles Pier is going through changes and as time goes on we want to salvage and look after all of our fond memories of Mumbles Pier, as we continue to make some more happy and fond memories for the future. To do so we are hoping to collect as many memories as we can through our webpage and onsite so we can store them online in our Digital Memory for us all to treasure.

Do you have a photo of you by a band stand on Mumbles Pier? Or can you remember riding down the Helter Skelter or swigging back the drinks in the Collectors Bar, The Toby or Cinderella’s. As a child can you remember a visit to the amusements with mum or dad, or are you young enough to ride the train to the Pier Station or lucky enough to meet the love of your life at a Mumbles Pier dance?

To submit your memory to Mumbles Pier Memories Collection, please use the form below or in one of our Memory Archives. Once we’ve approved it, we’ll move it into the most relevant Memory Archive.

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3 thoughts on “Digital Memory”

  1. Mike Selley says:

    We bought this in an antiques shop in Devon a few years ago. Is there any historical fact or is it just a figment of an artists imagination? What an odd subject choice if there is no context base on fact or rumour. The picture is 61×45 and the main balloon ,basket and men are in relief ( they stand proud of the rest of the painting). I thought that you might be interested.

  2. Dave Biggs says:

    Infra Red Image shot in IR950 a bit different to the Norm.

  3. Marcus Burtonshaw says:

    My parents, Ian and Pat Burtonshaw. Mumbles Pier aprox 1978/9. My brothers and I along with our two dogs somewhere in the background. Photographer unknown.

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