Dydd Gwyl Dewi / St David’s Day

Celebrate the patron Saint of Wales at Mumbles Pier /  Dathlwch Nawddsant Cymru gyda Ni


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A little History

His best-known miracle is said to have taken place when he was preaching in the middle of a large crowd at the Synod of Brefi: the village of Llanddewi Brefi stands on the spot where the ground on which he stood is reputed to have risen up to form a small hill. A white dove, which became his emblem, was seen settling on his shoulder. John Davies notes that one can scarcely “conceive of any miracle more superfluous” in that part of Wales than the creation of a new hill.


Bach o Hanes

Tyfodd enwogrwydd Dewi fel athro drwy’r byd Geltaidd. Roedd Dewi yn byw bywyd llym, fel bob Mynach. Mae yna nifer fawr o wedlau yn ymwneud a Dewi. Efallai yr enwocaf yw y bregeth yn Llanddewi Brefi Yng Ngheredigion, pan oedd yn annerch y dorf enfawr, fe gododd y tir o dan ei draed i bawb allu ei glywed yn siarad. Y hyn oedd symbol o’i sancteiddrwydd i’r bobol.

What’s On at The Pier to Celebrate? Beth sydd ar gynnig yn Pier y Mwmbwls?

We will have a selection of  Traditional Welsh Delicacies on offer including Welsh Cakes and Cawl of course! Sample some of our Welsh Gin’s in Copperfish Restaurant along side a generous portion of Cockles.

Bydd Cocos a Cwrw ar gynnig yn Copperfish !


We will be holding a Welsh Costume Competition on St David’s Day so pop in after school !





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