Introducing….. Our Lady Jenkins

If you have had chance to visit Copperfish our new Fish and Chip Shop and Bar at Mumbles Pier you may have noticed two new additions to our menu; Our Lady Jenkins Ale and Copperfish Cider. Both these delicious drinks have been brewed especially for us here at Mumbles Pier by Tomas Watkins Brewery, however many have asked what was the inspiration behind the name ‘Our Lady Jenkins’?

Well if you delve into the history of Mumbles Pier the answer is at its very conception. Lady Jenkins was in fact the lady who formally opened the Pier on Tuesday 10th May 1898. Lady Jenkins was presented with a gold key on the day she opened the original large iron gates in front of eagerly awaiting crowds of Victorians. The brewers of Our Lady Jenkins have created this amber coloured ale to help evoke the colour of the key presented to Lady Jenkins on that Tuesday afternoon.

An illustration of Lady Jenkins can also be found on the badge of the beer as represented below and is wonderful memorial of ‘Our Lady Jenkins the first Lady to walk upon Mumbles Pier’.

Copperfish Bar is open daily from 12pm till 10pm and serves an array of Craft Beers and Ciders all of which we are proud to say are brewed here in Wales!

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