10 Things You Didn’t Know…

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Mumbles Pier:

  1. The Big Apple was originally built by a cider company to promote their drink. There were several placed around the country during the campaign – the Mumbles Big Apple is the only survivor.

The Big Apple


  1. The Lighthouse is over 200 years old. The mechanical fog horn was installed during the reign of lighthouse keeper Jasper Williams in 1902. The fog horn was affectionately named by locals as “Jasper’s Baby”, the cries of which can still be heard today, warning of the perils below.



  1. The Mumbles Pier was not originally intended to be a pleasure Pier, but was intended to help alleviate congestion at Swansea Docks. However, the completion was not welcomed by the Docks, and shortly after opening the Pier became used solely for recreational use – this is shown in the absence of many of the ornate entertainment buildings seen on other period Piers of the time.

Mumbles Pier

  1. The Pier is 835ft long. This is the equivalent of the length of 26 double decker buses, or over 100 horses.

The Pier is 835ft long


  1. Beaches and Cream, the sweetshop at the Pier, sells over 30 different flavours of rock – including Fish and Chip flavour, Pizza flavour and Gin and Tonic flavour!

Beaches and Cream


  1. The Beach Hut Café was originally called the Pavilion Café until the refurbishment in 2016 when a number of Beach Huts were brought in for décor!

The Beach Hut Café


  1. The Amusements Arcade goes through over 10,000,000 tickets a year – that’s an awful lot of prizes!!!!!

The Amusements Arcade


  1. You should never have to pay for parking!!!! The Mumbles Pier carpark offers a full refund when purchasing something in the Café or Shops of up to two hours!

Mumbles Pier


  1. Nansi the Gorilla on Mumbles Pier was originally born as Norman until the great Gorilla robbery of the 90’s!

Nansi the Gorilla


  1. Mumbles Pier has a secret beach perfect for rock pooling, sun bathing and sand castle building.

Secret beach

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